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Spider Veins Laser Treatment

Spider Veins Laser Treatment is one of the best non-invasive procedures to treat and remove spider veins from the body.

There are many reasons for a person to have spider veins. It can be because of a health condition, pregnancy, injuries, obesity, and sun damage to the skin, sedentary life style, hormone changes or the simple aging process. At any rate women seem more susceptible then men, and many times will wear dark nylons or slacks due the spider veins present in their legs.

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, but are much smaller. They generally group together to form the appearance of a spider’s web. These spider veins can present as red or blue in color and can also be present on the face in one or more areas. Spider veins are veins that have a defect in the way that the tiny valves have failed to work appropriately within the vein. If a person is over 50 years of age and is not affected by spider veins they are in the minority of people who are affected.

Spider veins are not serious to the person; however they may cause the person to become self-conscious because of their presence. Generally spider veins cause no undue discomfort, except some people may complain of skin itching or burning in the area of the spider veins.

Over the years the spider veins may turn into a varicose vein that may or may not cause some problems with discomfort. If the person develops swollen, red and tender areas, rash, skin color changes, bleeding from the vein, excess pain, or a throbbing feeling, it is time to seek medical consult.

Spider Veins Laser Treatment VS Surgery

There are many different procedures that the doctor will present to their patient to correct spider veins. One of the most advanced and less invasive treatment is the Laser Therapy to remove spider veins, others are invasive procedures, such as surgical procedures that are performed under general anesthesia.

Spider Veins Laser Treatment is a safe alternative to surgery and has literally no down time, with a few sessions of laser treatment you will start seeing results on Spider Veins vanishing from your body.


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