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Weight loss can seem like an impossible mountain to climb, whether you want to lose thirty, fifty or a hundred pounds. For many of us, good genetics mean that all we need to do is cut back on sweets and do a few situps a day to stay in shape. For others, it may be very difficult to remain at a healthy weight either due to genetics, bad eating habits or a job that doesn’t let us move around very much.

Working with a professional can make all the difference for some. Talking to a dietician, for instance, who can help you to determine exactly whaty our ideal diet should look like for keeping your weight down. A personal trainer can be an enormous boon for your health and fitness goals, but of course, that might not be within everyone’s means, financially or time-wise.

There are a lot of influences that factor into one’s weight, so while “eat right and exercise” may be great advice, it may also prove more effective for some than for others. Hormonal factors, environmental factors and genetic factors all play a part, and only by talking with a professional can you truly get to the root of what’s keeping you at a higher weight than where you’d like to be.

Luckily, there are people who can help, from nutritional experts to therapists who can look at your environment, your job, your home life and so on and help you to figure out why it is that you’re not where you want to be.

“Eat less” is great advice for some people. “Work out more” is great advice for others. Not everyone has it so easy, though. All of the dieting and exercise in the world simply isn’t going to make much of a dent if hormonal, environmental or habit-based problems are at the root of your struggle with your weight.

Speak to a professional as soon as you have a chance so that you can come up with a fitness plan that works for you, not for someone else.


We offer a medically guided HCG diet which involve daily injections and a strict 800 cal diet. Please schedule your appointment today to speak with our doctor and see if this is right for you.


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