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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

As the tattoo industry has boomed over the past decade to it’s highest levels ever, so has the tattoo removal industry, as many people out there decide against having that tattoo on their body permanently. While for many years it was thought to be impossible to successfully remove a tattoo from your skin and was very painful to try, new laser tattoo removal technologies are proving popular belief wrong.

A tattoo consists of a series of tiny amounts of ink that can’t be absorbed by the skin, allowing it to remain on the surface, entirely undisturbed. Successfully removing this ink has proven difficult, until now. Much of what effects tattoo removal has to do with what type of ink has been used in the tattoo and the density of colors associated with the tattoo. A unique laser known as the Q-Switch Yag laser is used for tattoo removal procedure. This laser can easily and painlessly remove professionally done tattoos without a problem. However, it becomes more difficult to remove tattoos that someone got with a specific type of ink in a non-professional environment—in other words, homemade tattoos. These often require many treatments before real results are seen.

However, once the tattoo is removed, there are no ghosting remains or other burns or undesirable effects. Many treatments are often needed for all types of tattoos and the number of these vary based on how many tattoos are being removed or how dark the tattoo is. The darker it is, the more treatments will obviously by needed, as the tattoo will slowly but surely fade away.

While there are a few noticeable side effects to the tissue around the tattoo during treatment, they are minor. Some blistering may occur. It is increasingly rare these days but hyperpigmentation can sometimes also occur. This also happens due to the fact that there is no downtime between treatments in most cases. However, this minor irritation will usually heal shortly after the treatments are done, once your tattoo is finally, officially gone.

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