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Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne treatment


While many people consider acne to be a normal part of puberty, this skin condition can continue long into adulthood. Many types of acne leave serious scars on the skin. Deep pockmarks or a bumpy orange peel texture can seriously impact the self esteem of any person. Research into the causes of these unwelcome scars has led to the development of laser acne treatments. A few sessions with a safe Laser Acne treatment could restore a badly scarred cheek or forehead into a patch of smooth and beautiful skin once again.

When serious acne cysts develop on the face or back, they cause elastin fibers to form below the surface of the skin. These fibers pull on the surface of the skin and create puckering or bumps. The laser used in laser acne treatment helps break down these fibrous strands, releasing the tension creating the scarring that is visible at the surface of the skin. The light from the lasers also encourages the body to develop new collagen deposits in the area. The soft and flexible collagen fills in much of the space left under and around the scars. The skin usually looks smooth and clear within just a few weeks after the initial treatment.

There are two types of laser acne treatment procedures used for treating acne scars. The first is a gentle treatment that works well on shallow depressions. It doesn’t require any downtime and can be repeated to take care of more stubborn marks and bumps. Patients with severe pockmarks or highly raised scars tend to find better results with the more powerful treatment method. Scarring across the face can be handled in one or two sessions, but the patient will need to recover for a few days afterward. Both types of treatment can be used on other parts of the body. The laser is capable of removing acne scars on the neck, back or upper arms in addition to the face.

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