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Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is basically caused by the way fat is distributed under the skin. These fat deposits cause a bumpy appearance that is often considered to be unattractive, and it is found more often in women rather than men. However, it is a natural occurrence in every race around the world. The differences between why it may show up more in women rather than men are probably due to the way a woman’s body distributes fat.

Why Get Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite treatment may not seem all that necessary, but for those that want to feel better about themselves it is a must. For some, removing all of the unwanted dimples in the thighs, hips, and general rear end area is essential for boosting self esteem. Besides, who wouldn’t want to feel tighter and firmer? Sometimes exercise just is not enough. That is exactly why some people choose to seek out treatment options.

Cellulite Treatment Creams

Creams are a popular cellulite treatment. They are often preferred because they can be purchased over the counter in cosmetic shops or sections of a grocery store. Some cellulite creams are synthetic while others are all natural. Examples of ingredients often used include caffeine, retinal A, and Alpha Hydroxy acids.

Caffeine is used to increase blood flow, which helps the body flush toxins and fat cells from the body. Retinol A is known to aid the skin with collagen production , which makes the skin appear tighter and smoother. And Alpha Hydroxy Acids rid the skin of dead skin cells that often enhance the appearance of cellulite. Body brushes also remove dead skin cells and improve skin appearances, however results from the body brush are often varied, sometimes even temporary.

Dietary Treatments

There are a few dietary supplements that are said to aid with reducing cellulite appearance. By consuming things like ginkgo biloba, fish oil, soy lecithin, and sweet clover the body’s metabolism is said to improve. These products are also said to improve circulation, help break down fats, and help prevent cell damage.

Velshape II

If you are plagued by unwanted fat that doesn’t want to come off there is a safe and effective method of removing it painlessly. The Velashape is a noninvasive FDA approved treatment solution for Body reshaping and Cellulite. The Velashape features the elos combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, Vaccum and Mechanical Massage. The Veashape treatment is easy, safe, pain-free and noninvasive. If you are in need of reducing areas of body fat, this FDA treatment could change your life. Learn more..

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